Our Apartments

We know that our guests require a selection of accommodation options to make life all the more convenient. Home or apartment, short stay or long stay, once again we have you covered.

Joining our accommodation collection are our TLC Apartments. Our Wenvic Apartment Blocks are situated at 90 College Road in Pelham. The apartments are adjacent to the Premier’s residence, Pietermaritzburg Girls High School, and 450 meters from Maritzburg College And yes, of course, we have strived to provide convenience by offering our guests the option of short stay furnished or long stay unfurnished apartments.

Whether you need a home away from home and seek out our furnished TLC short stay apartments for a quick PMB visit, or you plan to nest a little longer in our unfurnished TLC long stay apartment, the choice is yours.

Find out a little more about our Wenvic Apartment Blocks offerings here.

Pietermaritzburg | SHORT STAY

Our FURNISHED short stay apartments feature 23 x 2-bedroom open plan units, fully equipped kitchens, dining areas, spacious balconies and high speed Internet. Apart from the luxurious setup, our apartments offer the warmth and charm of a home ensuring guests have a comfortable stay. We can accommodate up to 120 guests across all our properties at any given moment, making it ideal for individuals, couples or corporate clients.
Kwa-Zulu Natal

Pietermartizburg | LONG STAY

As we said, make yourself at home. Our UNFURNISHED long stay apartments allow you to do just that! Offering 2 bedroom, 1 shower & bath, open plan units, along with a fully equipped kitchen, these unfurnished long stay TLC apartments are the perfection option for guests looking for a longer rental. Our TLC long stay apartments are available on contract for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum a year with the option to renew your contract, should you feel, just at home.
Kwa-Zulu Natal